Our Vision & Mission

Striving to always deliver the best solutions

Striving to always deliver the best solutions

We believe that our strong industry experience and operational excellence, our broad portfolio of styrenic standard and specialty products, our global footprint, and – last but not least – our passionate and highly professional team, give us the ideal foundations for long-term success and sustainable, profitable growth.

Our vision

INEOS Styrolution is only focused on styrenics. Our aspiration is to be and remain a strong no. 1 in our market worldwide. With sales of 5.4 billion EUR in 2018, INEOS Styrolution is the leading global styrenics producer, being number 1 in polystyrene and copolymers, number 2 in styrene monomers, and number 3 position in ABS.

Our mission

We are determined to support the success of our customers in their markets, to give them a competitive edge. INEOS Styrolution strives to always provide its customers with the best solutions. This is our firm belief and is already expressed in our company name which has been formed by combining the two words styrenics and solution. We understand customer needs, and we make products affordable and enhance the quality of life for a lot of people by making things more convenient, nicer, safer – just better!